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Terrorism on Bothawui?

Reporting for HoloNet News on Coruscant – this is Breaking News:

Tragedy and panic today in the Bothan city of Liah’starn, as a massive explosion has rocked the city’s business district. While reports from the scene are still coming in, the Bothan Council has moved swiftly in placing blame on the terrorist group ‘Havoc,’ which for some time has harassed Bothawui from Valise, a moon orbiting nearby Golm.

It is too early to place an estimate on the number of casualties involved in this incident, but several eyewitnesses have reported an entire city block completely demolished by the blast.

HNN will continue to bring round-the-chrono coverage of this terrible disaster – stay tuned for details as they come in.

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--========== THIS IS A HOLONET NEWS TRANSMISSION ==========--

Reporting for Holonet News on Coruscant – this just in:

Lan Zartrin, the senator representing Neimoidia in the Galactic Republic, and a crusader for equality in the galaxy, has been removed from office and arrested on charges of aiding and allowing slavery within the Republic.

Details are scarce, but reports are coming in that former-Senator Zartrin may have been involved with smugglers in the Coruscant Undercity, and that a search of his private residence in Galactic City has uncovered several personal slaves residing within. These reports are still being verified, but the swift and unanimous reaction from the Chancellor and Senate Leadership imply that evidence to these crimes does indeed exist.

Former-Senator Zartrin was a member of Equal-Republic : Equal-Galaxy (EREG), a coalition of Senators from systems where slavery and other rights-violations are commonplace. Senator Ardana Mashaelle of Ryloth, the head of EREG, was off-planet when the arrest occurred, and was not immediately available for comment. Since her return, Senator Mashaelle has issued the following statement:

“After meeting with the Chancellor, as well as the Senate Leadership Committee, it is clear to me that the charges brought against former-Senator Zartrin are indisputably valid. I am shocked and dismayed that someone so passionate about equal rights in the galaxy would not only allow such heinous crimes to be committed, but also benefit from them personally. While Lan Zartrin was a member of Equal-Republic : Equal Galaxy, I can assure everyone that our coalition is still strong, and that our important work will continue, even as we attempt to reconcile with those affected by this tragic incident.”

Holonet News will continue to update you on this scandal in the Senate as it develops.


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