Lara Vann

Human Scoundrel 4/Jedi 6


Medium Human
Scoundrel 4/Jedi 6
Force 2 (refresh daily); Destiny 9; Dark Side 3
Init +7; Senses Perception +13
Languages Basic, Binary, Bocce, Huttese, Jawa Trade Language

Defenses Ref 26 (flat footed 23), Fort 22, Will 24; Deflect
HP 83; second wind +20/41; SR 10; Threshold 22
+5 to Fortitude Defense against extreme heat and cold effects
Speed 6 Squares

Melee dual-phase dueling lightsaber +13 (2d8+5, ignores DR, +1 atk on opp atks, switchable +1 reach: -2 Ref to adjacent foes)
Ranged blaster pistol, +11 (3d6+7, 100 shots/power pack) or
Ranged blaster pistol, +6 (3d6+7, 10 shots/power pack) with autofire
Ranged holdout blaster, +11 (3d4+7, 6 shots/power cell, inaccurate)
Ranged frag grenade +11 (4d6+5, 2-square burst)
Ranged ion grenade +11 (4d6+5 ion, 2-square burst)
Ranged stun grenade +11 (4d6+5 stun, 2-square burst, 2 grenades)
Base Attack +9; Grapple +11
Attack Options Point Blank Shot, Autofire (blaster pistol)
Special Actions Combat Trickery, Quick Fix
Force Powers Known (Use The Force +16) Cloak, Combustion, Force Whirlwind, Ionize, Mind Trick, Move Object, Negate Energy, Technometry

Abilities Str 10, Dex 14, Con 10, Int 18, Wis 17, Cha 13
Talents Deflect, Force Immersion, Quick Fix, Spacehound, White Current Adept
Feats Combat Trickery, Force Sensitivity, Force Training (2), Point Blank Shot, Skill Focus (Mechanics, Use the Force), Starship Designer, Tech Specialist, Vehicle Systems Expertise, Weapon Finesse, Weapon Proficiency (lightsabers, pistols, simple)



Acrobatics +12 Mechanics +21 (24 w/visor) Stealth (Force) +16 (17 w/gen)
Deception +11 Perception +13 (19 w/visor) Use Computer +14 (15 w/bracer)
Gather Information +11 Pilot +11 Use the Force +16
Knowledge (technology) +14


Climb +5 Knowledge (galactic lore) +9 Persuasion +6
Endurance +5 Knowledge (life sciences) +9 Ride +7
Initiative +7 Knowledge (physical sciences) +9 Survival +8
Jump +5 Knowledge (social sciences) +9 Swim +5
Knowledge (bureaucracy) +9 Knowledge (tactics) +9 Treat Injury +8

Encumbrance Light: 18.5kg; Light Encumbrance 25kg; Max Carry 50kg; Max Lift 100kg
visor (1kg, mc, dual-use mechanical interface & motion sensing),
bracer computer (0.5kg, mc, dual-use encrypted long range comlink w/earbud): ,
concealed holster (0.2kg),
hip holster (0.25kg, m),
utility belt (0.3kg, m),
energy shield SR 10 (0.5kg, m, 1 charge)
stealth field generator (m, mc, 0.1kg): grants concealment

Hip Holster
blaster pistol (1kg, improved damage, targeting scope, spring-loaded, rangefinder),

Concealed Holster
lightsaber (1kg, self-built, adjustable blade, dueling, improved accuracy, fiber cord, spring-loaded, recognition system)

Utility Belt
4 grenades (2kg, 2 stun, 1 frag, 1 ion)
glow rod (1kg, dual-use holdout blaster, cloaked, improved damage)
2 glow rods (1kg, m),
breathe mask (1kg, m),
all-temperature cloak (0.75kg, m),
medpac (1kg),
tool kit (1kg, mc, dual-use security kit),
liquid cable dispenser (0.2kg, 15m),
vacuum survival pouch (0.5kg, m),
credit chip (0.1kg),
3 spare power packs (0.2kg),
4 spare energy cells
spare stealth field generator (0.2kg)
spare energy shield (0.5kg)
5 rolls detonite cord (2.5kg, m)
binder cuffs (0.25kg, m)
cryobag (0.75kg, m)
antitoxin patch

modified H-1ME Battle Mechanic Droid,
spacer chest (on ship)
flight suit (3kg, shadowskin: +5 to Stealth, ready harness: 1/2 weight for attached gear, helmet package: +2 to Perception, low-light)
repulsor pad (6kg)
41,081 credits

Special Abilities

Deflect – With lightsaber, may negate 1 ranged attack on successful Use the Force check. DC equals attack result, cumulative -5 penalty for each successive Block or Deflect in a turn. Must be aware and not flat-footed. May spend a Force Point to use on behalf of adjacent ally. Not usable against Colossal (frigate) or larger foes unless point-defense. Half damage against autofire or Force Lighting; no damage on a miss

Force Immersion – Stealth may be used to hide from electronic surveillance and sensors. Anyone attempting to detect must beat Stealth check with Use Computer. Requires only one Stealth check for both conventional and electronic concealment.

Quick Fix – Once per encounter, can jury rig a non-disabled object or vehicle

Spacehound – No penalty to attack in low- or zero-G. Ignore space sickness

Cloak – Bend light around self to gain concealment. Use the Force: DC 15: total concealment until beginning of next turn; DC 20: also +2 on Stealth checks; DC 25: +3 to Stealth; DC 30: +5 to Stealth. Can be maintained as standard action; requires new check each round. Damage requires new check (DC 15 + damage taken) to maintain. Spend Force Point to increase Stealth by 5

Combustion – area-effect Force-fire attack. Standard action. 2×2 area within 12, line of sight. Use the Force vs. Fort. defense. 4d6 fire damage on hit; 1/2 damage and no burning on miss. Check result determines attack bonus of fire each round it burns (core 255). May spend Force Point to move target hit by power -1 on condition track

Force Whirlwind – Force attack. Standard action. Lifts 1 target within 12, line of sight, 1/2 meter off the ground. Use the Force vs. Fort. defense. Immobilized until beginning of your next turn on hit; all actions at -5; falls prone on end; DC 15: 1d6 Force damage, DC 20: 2d6, DC 25: 3d6, DC 30: 4d6. Target gets SM bonus: Colossal: +50, Gargantuan +20, Huge +10, Large +5, Medium and smaller 0. May spend a Force Point to increase target’s action penalty to -10. Can be maintained with Move action, requires new check each round. Damage requires new check (DC 15 + damage taken) to maintain. If target is damaged, effect ends

Ionize – Force attack, droids & electronics only. Standard action. 1 target within 6, line of sight. Use the Force vs. Ref. defense. On hit DC 20: 4d6 ion damage, DC 25: 5d6, DC 30: 6d6. May spend a Force Point to increase damage by 2d6

Mind Trick – Use the Force vs. Will defense. On hit, may distract to enable Stealth check even if target is aware of you; perform a feint so your next attack ignores Dec bonus to Ref. defense; make unpalatable suggestion seem reasonable – must be able to communicate and must not be life-threatening – target won’t reconsider actions later; fill target with terror, causing them to flee at top speed for 1 minute or until wounded – negated if target is equal to your level. May spend a Force Point to improve target’s attitude by 1 step, +1 for every 5 points check is exceeded

Move Object – Use the Force to telekinetically move a target up to 6 squares. Standard action. Resisted by Will if character. Can hurl or drop (Ref. defense for 2nd target) target to deal damage – both targets take damage. DC 15: up to Medium size, 2d6 damage; DC 20: Large, 4d6; DC 25: Huge, 6d6; DC 30: Gargantuan, 8d6; DC 35: Colossal, 10d6. Can be maintained with a standard action. Hovering or flying objects may resist with grapple check. May spend a Force Point to increase size category by 1 and damage by 2d6 (maximum – Colossal (frigate), 12d6 damage). May spend a Destiny Point to increase max size by 3 and damage by 6d6 (max – Colossal (station), 16d6 damage)

Negate Energy – Negate 1 energy attack. Reaction. Use the Force vs. attack result. Must be aware of attack and not flat-footed. May spend a Force Point to regain HP equal to damage of negated attack, up to max HP

Technometry – Read and control technological devices. Standard action. Use the Force vs. Will defense and learn 1 thing in target’s memory as determined by Access Info table on core 75, +1 additional item per 5 points check is exceeded. Alternatively, can do one of the following to a droid: jam its senses until end of your next turn, deny its Dex bonus to Ref. defense against your next attack, force it to flee from you at top speed for 2 turns. May spend a Force Point to learn 2 more things or extend droid effects by an extra round

Combat Trickery – Spend 2 swift actions on same turn, make Deception vs. Will check: target is flat-footed against your next attack. May spend Force Point to extend for rest of encounter

Point Blank Shot+1 on ranged targets at point blank range

Starship Designer – Can design a starship from scratch. 30 days, DC 25 Mechanics, +1 to DC & days per 100k credits of final cost past 1st 100k. Divide final time cost by number of Designers working on plans.
All modifications to starships are treated as standard. Custom mods: base cost of 5k credits x size cost modifier, DC 25 Mechanics. 1 day per 5k credits. +10k & 5 DC per modification to a system, multiple customizations stack

Tech Specialist – Can modify devices, weapons, armor, droids, & vehicles. Mods cost 1/10th of device value or 1k, whichever higher. 1 day per 1k credits of mod, DC 20 Mechanics check, cannot take 10 or 20. Limit 1 mod per item unless otherwise noted

Vehicle Systems Expertise – Recharge Shields & Reroute Power only take 2 swift actions. Once per encounter, may do one with a single swift action on a DC 30 Mechanics check


Female, human, caucasian. Average build, but well-muscled, 5’8" Red hair worn short and tousled. Bright green eyes. Attractive, but with generally careless grooming habits. Often found with streaks of grease on a cheek or forehead.

Very casual and informal manner, though usually reasonably friendly, if impersonal with most.

Typically dresses in beige pants with lots of pockets and a tank top, with a gear belt. Often wears a jacket that matches the pants. Lightsaber is green and designed to be wielded in a single hand. Most of the electronic gear she wears shows telltale signs of extensive custom modifications, and virtually all of it bears no company logos of any kind.


Lara Vann

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